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罪悪感や自責の念に押しつぶされそうになって固まってしまった心は、自分の生の感覚に正直になる事で少しずつ 自由になっていきました。
それは、相反する感覚・感情を同時に感じ取り、認める時に起こる直感です。どちらかではなく、 どちらも引き受けた存在をこの世に生み出す事が、 今この世界で生きる自分を肯定できる方法でした。

I believed that Adam and Eve were the first human beings when I was young. School, however, told me about Homo sapiens.
The conflict between two thoughts asked me how to capture and to live in the world.
I had been shackled and repressed by the sense of guilt and self-blame for a long time, but I was gradually free from this feeling by confronting my true self with honesty.
It was the intuition that occurs when you feel and recognise the contradictory feelings simultaneously.
I strive to live in this world by creating art that take responsibility for both worlds, not the only one.

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